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Air Cleaner ( ESSA257, ESSA257Z, ESSA255, ESSA255Z )

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Product Description

The ESSA257, ESSA257Z, ESSA255 & ESSA255Z are our Latest Designed Smoke and Odor Arresters using the latest ESI technology. These units are electronically operated by a remote control key pad and operated by 240V (or 110V). These units are user friendly and very easy to install without the need of any exhaust (outlet) system. These units can be used in any area, any application and suitable for any environment.

These units clean the room by removing any smoke, gas, odor, dust and dust mites in the room. They releases High Concentration of Negative Ions which kills any dust mites in the atmosphere and turns the air in the room clean and healthy and are suitable for any room of various sizes. With the removal of odor and dust mites in the room, you will be happy to stay in a fresh, clean and healthy environment.

Most importantly, they remove any smoke in a matter of minutes thus providing a very safe and smoke free environment. Our Z series comes with advance smoke sensors which automatically start the unit when senses any smoke in the room. The Z series are excellent for any working or public environment acting as safety precaution in case of any fire, the smoke sensor triggered these units to start removing any smoke cause by any fire in the room thus enabling any personnel to move around the room allowing a safe evacuation, saving lives.

With their low energy consumption and filter free, these units are very cheap to operate and are very environmentally friendly.

The ESSA257, ESSA255 and ESSA257Z, ESSA255Z are perfect for those with any respiratory illnesses that can be hampered by dirty air and smoke.

Easy to maintain and easy to clean, these units can be installed in any places. It is recommended to install each unit in the centre ceiling of every 38m3 room area and multiply the number of units in any larger room to be installed evenly


Average area coverage: <38 mt3
Air flow: <35 mt3 / hr
Purify rate: >98 %
Smoke Clearing Rate: >99.9 %
Odor Removing Rate TiO2: >96 %
Negative Ion Output Voltage: 10,000 (DC) ± 20%
Power: 36W ± 10%

Normal Working Conditions:

Environmental Temperature: 5C to 50C
Relative Humidity (RH): <80%
Working Voltage: 220V – 240V, 10A
Atmospheric Range: 50KPA to 106KPA
Noise db(A): <=38
Installation Hole Size: 34 x 34 cm
Weight kg 7.2




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