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Car Interior Purifier (CP24)

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The CP24 is a Car air sterilizing purifier. This unit is electronically operated by a switch control key pad driven by 12VDC which can either be plug into the lighter adaptor or hard wired into the car electrical system. This unit can be set to run as soon as the car key switch is on, sterilising the interior of the car while you are driving. It comes with three speeds that blow natural air and can also be used in a small room connected through a DC transforming power point adaptor.

The air in the car will be circulated through this unit cleaning the air, eliminating any micro-organism, bacteria and germs in the car. It is suitable for any car of various sizes. This unit Filtered, Sterilised and ionised the air you breathe and remove any odor in your car. It releases High Concentration of Negative Ions which can reduce blood viscosity and improve blood system thus improving your memory and refresh you while you are driving.

This unit is fully concealed and it is very safe to use while you are driving and with your passengers in your car.

The built in multi -function enable a perfect and smooth driving in a healthy environment and it is especially excellent for those with any respiratory illnesses such as asthma that can be cause by dirty air you breathe.


Sterilize Coverage: <2 mt3
Air Flow: <3 mt3 / hr
Purify Rate of PM: >92 %
Sterilised Rate: >99 %
Formaldehyde & Odor Removing Rate: >96 %
Negative Ion Concentration: 2*107/cm3
Ozone Concentration: <0.02 ppm
Sterilize Ratet: 4W

Normal Working Conditions:

Environmental Temperature: 5C to 40C
Relative Humidity (RH): <80%
Working Voltage: 12VDC
Atmospheric Range: 50KPA to 106KPA
Noise db(A): <=30
Unit Size cm: 15 x 20 x 6
Weight kg: <1


Pre Filter: Yes
3 Speed Control: Yes
UV bulb & Photo Catalyst: Yes
Negative Ion Generator: Yes
Control Switch: Yes
LED Panel & indicatorn: Yes
Safe to Use: Yes



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