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Sterilization Tower ( PUV022, PUV024, PUV014 )

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Product Description

This PUV022 – Direct Sterilisation Tower helps to directly eliminate bacteria and germs in a standard sized room. It only takes 30 minutes to sterilise the air and surfaces with coverage of approximately 32 cubic metres. It produced a wave length that travel to all open area even into any tinny orifice to kill any living nano-creature, germs, viruses, molds, and any micro organisms.

This unit is perfectly safe to use in all wards of life and any places or rooms that need any attention. It has a specially designed infra-ray sensor that automatically switches off the Unit whenever any person or any pet enters the room. It consist of a lamp angle, adjusting handle, timing controller, rack, UV-C light tubes; infra ray sensor and all controlling equipment and electronic control pad. The angle is adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees: 90, 135, 180 degrees or whichever angle that suit the operation. Time for disinfection depending on the size of the room could be controlled between 0 to 60 or more minutes on the electronic control pad. This unit will automatically switch off should a power overload occur.
Ideal places for operating this unit include homes, and small-to-medium sized commercial buildings and offices. It is also useful in food processing plants. It is excellent for hospital wards, dental clinics, out-patients wards and any public places.

All of our products have been proven to even eliminate all bad micro-organisms and to prevent the spread of infected diseases like swine flu and all sort of harmful diseases and infections.

You are sure to feel the different as soon as you use our equipment. Life will become more happier and fresh everyday and your family members will be healthier and free from any flu or viruses.

This unit is very light, handy and user friendly. With a press on the control panel and let the unit do its work eliminating all bacteria leaving your living room and work place fresh and bacteria free.

Warranty:1 year repair or replacement warranty, manufacturers defects only. However the warranty does not cover the UV-C tubes, electronic parts and any wear and tear.


Timer Yes – Allow the units to be turn on for whatever time is necessary to sterilise the area.
Rack Yes
Lamp Angle Yes – 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees
UV Lighting Tubes Included
Infra Ray Sensor Yes
Coverage Area <32 m3
Safety Features: Automatically shuts off if there is a power overload
Lamp catch to protect damage and mishandling of the UV lighting tubes


Radiant Illumination 107µw/cm2
Length of angle 915mm
Folded angle height from floor 1150mm
Adjustable degree of angle 90, 135, 180 degree
UV light tube 30 watts, 2pcs
Wave length of UV rays 253.7µm
Fuse plug F3AL 250V
Input power: 180VA
Electric equipment safety level: 1
SAA Standards (Standards Association of Australia) Certified
AS/NZS 60335.1 Certified

Normal Working Conditions

Environmental Temperature 5C to 40C
Relative Humidity (RH) <80%
Working Voltage 220V + – 22V    50Hz + – 1 Hz
Atmospheric Range 50KPA to 106KPA


Additional Information

Weight 9Kg kg
Dimensions 32 x 22 x 104 cm


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