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Free Standing Unit ( FS240Zi, FS240Mi, FS180Zi, FS180Mi, FS120Mi )

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These FS240Zi, FS240Mi, FS180Zi, FS180Mi & FS120Mi Free Standing Units are designed to suit either a larger room or any open area. They are very presentable, ideal to suit every office, work places, public hall and even in your living room. These are modern stylish air sterilizers that eliminates micro-organism, germs, bacteria and viruses in the room. Air is being circulated through the system thus killing all nasty bugs and keeps the freshness and pleasant air in the room. These units are concealed with no exposure to any rays therefore they are extremely safe to use in any living area.

These user friendly units come with control panels which are very easy to use by a press of the button you are able to select the timer and control the duration you need for the sterilization process. You can also select the time you like the units to start and stop while you are away. They also come with remote controls (on request) if you require one for your convenient. These units are very economical and safe to use and have automatic stop overload switches. They are very easy to install and low maintenance thus you can rest assure to be living in a very healthy and clean, bacteria free environment with these units in your home or work place.

Ideal places for these units include reception area, offices, clinics, public area, and even homes.


Wave length of rays: 253.7µm
Disinfection effect: ˂=120cfu/m3
Ultraviolet leakage outside the machine: ˂=0uw/cm2
Ozone content (mg/m3): ˂=10mg/m3
Noise level: ˂=50db(A)
Sterilize area: 260m3
Fuse plug: 10A
Input power: 240V10A
Electric equipment safety level: 1

Normal Working Conditions:

Environmental Temperature: 5C to 40C
Relative Humidity (RH): <80%
Working Voltage: 220V + – 22V    50Hz + – 1 Hz
Atmospheric Range: 50KPA to 106KPA


Timer Yes
Rack / Wall Bracket: Yes
Remote control: Yes – on request
UV Lighting Tubes: Included
Multi Speed: Yes
Coverage Area: <260 m3
Safety Features: Automatically shuts off if there is a power overload




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