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Industrial Water Sterilization Unit (IWSU)

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Product Description

Made from either 304 or 316 stainless steel, these IWSU units can be used for purifying water for all purposes especially drinking and decaling and/or manufacturing plants. They come in various sizes from very small unit which are use for domestic drinking water to more than 1000w units for industrial and commercial purposes, water recreation parks and also for swimming and fish pools. With their ability of disinfecting and water treatments gives the pool free from any chemicals and chorine treatment resulting a natural water pool.

You will enjoy swimming in a healthy, clean, and fresh water environment without the smell of chorine and chemicals.

These units eliminate bacteria, fungus and mold which grows in the water with an efficacy of over 90 % makes them excellent to be use in all types and sizes of water treatment.



  IWSU011/220W                 IWSU011/660W

Technical Specifications

iwsu table

*Quantity of Water in Litres

IWSU011/220W:   Every 100,000 use 1 unit .

IWSU011/660W : Every 400,000 use 1 unit .

**If the value of Flow Rate is double or triple, the recommended additional unit are to be installed in parallel **



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