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Mobile Phone Sanitizer (MP1)

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It is estimated 90% of the population in the world own a mobile phone of some sort and some people even own more than one unit. Mobile phones are part of our daily life these days and they are as important to our daily activities. Study shows that most people use their mobile phone at an average of at least five hours a day, some even much more. We go everywhere with it, having our foods, talking to people, shopping, and even going in the toilet with it. Most mobile phone owner tends to forget how dirty and contaminated their mobile phone is. Study has shown that mobile phone is one of the most germs and bacteria contaminated personal item.
Surprisingly it is found that bacteria growth on mobile phone is even more than that on the toilet seat cover, toilet door handle and shopping malls trolley handle.

At Khott Industrial Technologies, Australia, we have developed an evolutional Mobile Phone Sterilizer. This unit comes with multi functions which enable you to sterilise your personal mobile phone, any small personal effects like jewelleries, watches, hankies etc.
The unit has a built in intelligent system which enable it to run automatically. It also comes with voice control that tells you what it’s performing and stopping. Easy to operate by a touch of a button makes it user friendly. Small enough for anyone to carry in their hand bag when travelling and has a USB cable so it can be powered by a mobile phone power pack.

The MP1 comes with a timer that allows the unit to be set to a specific time for sterilising your phone though it is estimated a normal size cell phone takes only six minutes to sterilise.
This unit not only sterilise your mobile phone, it also remove all bad smell (odor) and add a lovely Fragrance onto your phone so you feel fresh and safe every time you use your phone.

Its Multi-Function included Incense Tray built in the steriliser which added the fragrance while sterilisation takes place, Anion Sterilisation and also Absorb Formaidehyde and smoke dust does all the cleaning work you ever wish for. With just 305g in weight and small size, you can bring along to any place which makes it handy for you to sterilise any phone anywhere.


Mobile Phone Sterilisation Time: ><6 minutes
UV Parameter: 253.7 nm
Anion Concentration: >-3 x 106pcs/ cm3
Sterilised Rate: >99 %
Odor Removing Rate: >96 %
Ozone Concentration: <0.02 ppm
Sterilize Rate: 2W
Sterilisation compartment: 156 x 85 x 17 mm

Normal Working Conditions:

Environmental Temperature: 5C to 40C
Relative Humidity (RH): <80%
Working Voltage: DC5V USD Port
Atmospheric Range: 50KPA to 106KPA
Noise db(A): <=10
Colour: White
Unit Size cm: 200 x 123 x 28 mm
Weight g: 305


UV Sterilisation: Yes – Sterilise surface area and any orifice
Ozone & Anion: Yes – Purify Air & remove smell (odor)
UV bulb & Photo Catalyst: Yes – Built in the unit
Incense Function: Yes – make the mobile phone full of fragrance
Incense Diffuser: Yes – thermal evaporation of essential oils send forth fragrance
USB Connection: Yes – Can either be connected to power point or handy power pack
Safe to Use: Yes



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