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Sanitizing Cabinet ( SC620, SC1020 )

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Product Description

These SC620 & SC1020 Sanitizing Cabinet are designed with safety in mind to sterilize small items and personal belonging in a safe environment. With the technology, you can rest assured all your belongings that need to be sanitized will be completely done safely.
These units are equipped with a computerized circuit board with LED indicators which can be control to whatever time you need to set for sanitizing your belongings. Timer can be set to every 30 minutes by a press of the button.

Whenever the unit door is open, the unit will automatically shut off and will continue the sanitizing process as soon as the door is close.
Equipped with door locks, these units will keep the doors fully closed whenever sanitizing is in progress.
These units are engineered to sanitize the compartment and whatever is in it at the precise time to allow a proper sterilization and keep all your belongings clean from any micro-organisms.

You can sterilize any belongings from baby milk bottles, baby clothing, spoons & forks, plates & cups, personal jewelries, clothing to underwear and / or anything that can go into the compartment.

It is recommended to set the operation to 30 minutes every process, and / or a much longer sterilization time if it is judged the particular belonging needs more attention.


Wave length of UVC rays: 253.7µm
Noise level: ˂=3db(A)
RH Humidity: <=10%
Environmental Temperature: 5 > 20oC
Working Voltage: 220 > 240 V 50Hz
Sterilizing Strength: 6W, 10W
Size Outer Cabinet: L 34, W 21, H 24
Size Inner Compartment: L 26, W 19, H 17



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