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Water Filter Housings & Water Filters

Price: $20.00
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Product Description

High Quality Water Filter Housing comes in white, blue and clear colours.

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Types Size Inlet/Outlet Port
WFA002721 10”x 2.5” Single Filter Assembly ¼” NPT or BSP
WFS002832 10”x2.5” Single Stainless Steel Housing ¾” NPT or BSP
WFA002722 10”x2.5” Twin Filter Assy (Polyspun & Carbon) ¼” NPT or BSP
WFA002723 10”x2.5” Triple Stages Filter Assy (PP, CTO & GAV) ¼” NPT or BSP
WFA002731 20” Single Filter Assembly ¼” NPT or BSP
WFS002837 20”x4.5” Stainless Steel housing 1” NPT or BSP
WFP002282 20”x4.5” Blue Plastic Housing 1” NPT or BSP
WFP000762 20”x4.5” BBVL Clear Housing 1” NPT or BSP

Water Filters

Water filter 3       


Types Size Material
MB0110UL 10”x2.5” 1 micron Polyspun
MB0510UL 10”x2.5” 5 micron Polyspun
MB1010UL 10”x2.5” 10 micron Polyspun
MB5010UL 10”x2.5” 50 micron Polyspun
MB0120UL 20”x2.5” 1 micron Polyspun
MB0520UL 20”x2.5” 5micron Polyspun
MB1020UL 20”x2.5” 10micron Polyspun
MB54.520UL 20”x4.5” 5 micron Polyspun
MB14.520UL 20”x4.5” 1 micron Polyspun
PP05LD20 20”x4.5” 5 micron Pleated
PP01LD20 20”x4.5” 1 micron Pleated
MB2698UL 20”x4.5” 1 micron BW String
WFA000242 CTC/85 934 1 micron Carbon
CTO0510CC CTO Coconut Carbon
GAC0510C GAC Granular Active Carbon



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