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Water Generator / Conditioner (PHG)


Product Description

Water Purifying & Conditioning System

The Water Generator PHG can be built to suit every industry in the form of plant or mobile. This water generating unit has high degree of automation with real time water quality monitoring. The control panel displays the system operation status on digital flow chart, LED indicators on all sensors, fully automatic or can also be driven manually. It is equipped with low and high pressure protection, automatic start up when permeate is sensed at low level and auto stop when high. The unit will auto flush before and after the system start and stop. Equipped with alarms so you can rest assure the unit is always operating at your finger tip. All our units are custom made to suit individual industries and application in different climate conditions.

Ideal for any water treatment and/or decaling plant, rural area for drinking water or for isolated remote area, Rigs and Plants. (Various Sizes to suit various applications). A SWRO system is designed for the Fishery industries which is suitable for the fish and prawn industries. We have another B2K system which is specially designed for the Agricultural Sectors.

These units Generates the water quality, Filtered, Disinfect, Purified the water for consumption and application in various fields and industries.
Fully electronically and automatically driven so you can have a peace of mind and is easy to operate make it the most ideal equipment in water treatment.

Please contact us for any professional inquiries or discussion on any matter concerning your water condition.


Model: HG6K – 65K
UV Parameter: 185 – 253.7 nm
Sterilised Rate: >99%
Sterilised Power: 360W
Water Temperature: 4oc to 45oc
Design Recovery: >50%
Production GPD: 6000
Production LPH: 1000
4” Membrane Spec: 4040

Normal Working Conditions:

Environmental Temperature: 5C to 45C
Relative Humidity (RH): <80%
Working Voltage: 480V50Hz
Pump Motor: 2.2KW
Noise db(A): <=60
Atmospheric Range: 50KPA to 106KPA
Permeate Output Quality: TDS<300ppm
Permeate Raw Water: TDS 1500 – 3000ppm


UV Sterilisation: Yes – Sterilised and kill all bacteria in the water system
Anion: Yes – Purify water and remove odor
UV bulb & Photo Catalyst: Yes – Built in the unit
Anti-Scaling dosing system: Yes – Adopted Pulsa feeder dosing
Multi Filtration System: Yes – Multi- media filter, activated carbon filter, sediment filter c/w Automatic Control Valve
RO Desalination System: Yes – With DOW membrane
Stainless Steel Permeate Tank: Optional




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