Healthy UV Technologies – Purifying and Sanitizing your Home and Work Places

Our Healthy UV air and water purifiers are designed to make your whole home or office healthier. With the ability of our UV Technologies, we have made products to sterilize air by eliminating all micro-organism, bacteria, germs and mold. Some of our unique product allows the wave length  penetrating directly to all equipment and furniture in the room like the bed, carpet and curtains, sterilizing everything in the room assuring that all bacteria, germs, mold and even bad odor will be remove  – you can rest assured that you will have a healthier home or office that you truly deserve.

At Khott Industrial Technologies (KIT), we’re reinventing the world to help bring Germicidal UV-C Technology used for sterilization and disinfection at an affordable price. With innovation and public health in mind, all of the products that we produced for Healthy UV have made it our mission to improve the health of the people to help heal the world.

Our products help to sterilize air, water, and surfaces. It is a natural solution which is safe and simple – yet cost-effective. It has many applications, including making sure water is safe to drink and that the air is clean from any airborne viruses such as colds or flu. Other applications include sterilizing swimming pools, cleaning rooms, food processing plants, research labs, hospitals, heating systems, air conditioning units, and many others.

The benefits of using our UV-C technology to kill micro-organism, germs and bacteria include:

  • Complies with health and safety codes and regulations around the world. We comply with European and Australian safety standards, as well as ISO manufacturing standards.
  • All products have a warranty and are checked before we deliver to you.
  • Environmentally friendly as UV-C is natural – The Technologies comes from the Sun.
  • Chemical free. There are no corrosive materials used.
  • Technology is safe and used worldwide in the medical, dental and food industries since the early 19 century.
  • No health hazards as UV-C technology sterilizes micro-organism, bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus.
  • Cancer free as research shows UV-C does no harm to human being. You can rest assured that UV-C does not cause any sort of cancer but in fact improve your health with a clean, germs and viruses free environment.
  • It is affordable and cost-effective.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Energy-efficient, with a long shelf life.


At Khott Industrial Technologies (KIT) Australia, we are Advancing our Technologies everyday bring you the best and the latest Technologies so you and your Love Ones can enjoy a more Comfortable and Healthy Life Style.

With our Evolutional Industrial Products, our Technologies can and will save our Environment and solve our daily waste polluting our beautiful world reducing global warming. We have developed technologies CRC to collect carbon stopping carbon mono-oxide which discharge from our manufacturing industries. With the same technology we can also provide a clean environment for the medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Using our latest technology, we are able to solve cooling system for all heavy industries. Our RHE is one of a kind that not only reduce the heats, we save water wastage which are normally wasted through any conventional water cooling tower. And most importantly, we have solved the on-going problem of Algae growth that the conventional Water Cooling tower faces. We are also able to custom built our system to any sizes and capability according to your plants or industries.

Every day we heard of stories about water contamination and the problems we are facing with clean water. Now we have developed technologies that are able to clean large volume of water for our daily consumption, for drinking, washing, swimming or even for the fishery industries. Our PHG technologies filtered, sterilized and are able to tune the PH quality of the water to suit any application in any industries. We are also able to apply ozone formulation to suit the fishery industries which may faces fishery diseases or other problems.

We also carried a wide range of drinking water Sterilizers to suit any size of home and offices use.

We know how you feel about the smell of either smoke or fried food after you and your love ones have a nice and romantic meal in the restaurant or any eating places. No problem, we have developed equipment that takes away any smoke and odor in any room within minutes. This unit can be installed on the ceiling without any outlet or exhaust connection. This technology can be apply to all public places as a safety devices which trigger to activate when any smoke is detected in an event of fire. Getting rid of any smoke from a fire is most important to allow any personnel to evacuate.

For more information, please go to our Products Page and we are here 24/7 to answer any question should you have any to ask.