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Free Standing Unit ( FS240Zi, FS240Mi, FS180Zi, FS180Mi, FS120Mi )



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Air Cleaner ( ESSA257, ESSA257Z, ESSA255, ESSA255Z )

The ESSA257, ESSA257Z, ESSA255 & ESSA255Z are our...


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Domestic Water Sterilization Unit (DWSU)

This is the DWSU series of domestic water sterilization...


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Industrial Water Sterilization Unit (IWSU)

Made from either 304 or 316 stainless steel, these IWSU...


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Water Generator / Conditioner (PHG)

Water Purifying & Conditioning System The Water...

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Heat Exchanger (RHE Unit)

The ONLY ONE that performed above Satisfaction The Heat...

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Carbon Reduction Chambers (CRC)

Performed above Satisfaction. The Carbon Reduction Chamber...

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UV-C Tubes

Our UV-C tubes are manufactured according to International...


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Water Filter Housings & Water Filters

High Quality Water Filter Housing comes in white, blue and...


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